EKO Extension

EkoLink Extension takes the information of a webpage. It provides the image, ssl info and content of full web page and save these information to ekolink backend. You can find extension on chrome store.

How to use extension

To use ekolink extension, add extension to your chrome browser and follow the instruction below.

Navigate on a web page and activate the extension by clicking on extension icon.

echolink logo

Initial page - Get user info (user name) before capturing credential.

echolink extension initial page

If you click on capture credential button without input your name, it will give the error.

echolink extension initial page

Input the name and then click on Capture Credential button.

If user is on other then http or https web page he will get error.


On https/http web page


After clicking on submit button will be disable and show status saving.

saving process

You will get Success message, after your credential successfully get submitted.